Artificial Intelligence for Decentralized Economies

Cognit is building the intelligence substrate or the "Cognitive Layer" to help optimize decentralized economies. With Cognit, enabling intelligence for Web3, dApps, DAOs or blockchains should be a no-brainer.

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Actionable intelligence with minimal latencies

Decentralization and Autonomy come with a cost. The cost of latency, the cost of democratized decision-making, and the cost of making indelible wrong decisions that shall be hard to recover from once made. The future of Web3, DAOs, and blockchain-based businesses require actionable intelligence in an easy-to-understand manner that humans and robots can collectively partake in for optimal outcomes. Cognit is building the intelligence substrate to ensure that DAOs can optimize outcomes through actionable intelligence.

Data on Blockchain

Working with data on blockchains has a high cost and latency. You need to re-think freshness, validity, latency and access controls when you have to build a whole new AI model ground up for DAOs.

Ethical Federated Intelligence

Caring for the privacy of data, transparency of decisions, explanability and pre-emptive controls with casual inference as a framework should be built ground up. 


Enabling Intelligence on distributed computational networks has challenges that needs to be solved from first principles. Current AI models are not built to naturally adapt to Web3 and DAOs.

Decentralized Economies

Understanding group dynamics and building protection mechanisms against collusion, negligence, raging etc by motivated sub-groups to destabilize or negatively influence outcomes should be considered to foster healthy decentralized economies.